GBJAM 2 Concurso Programacion Indie GameBoy

¿Que es GBJAM?

GBJAM es una competición para programadores con solo tres reglas.

1.- El juego debe tener una apariencia Game Boy.
2.- Debe respetar la resolución original 160px x 144px.
2.- El juego solo puede usar cuatro colores.

Con estas premisas podemos programar y presentar cualquier juego, acaba de finalizar la segunda edición (GBJAM 2),  la cantidad y calidad de los trabajos ha sido muy buena.

Web principal:



Algunos ejemplos:

Super Catacombs

by Tangram Games | @SimonLarsen


supercatacombsDescription: A very minimalistic dungeon crawler/puzzle game inspired by Sokoban. Your goal is to get to the stairs in each level without being killed by the monsters roaming the catacombs. You can only take one or two hits so learning each monster’s movement pattern is crucial to avoid getting hit. Time was a little hard to come by this week so the game is not even remotely finished. It is still missing important mechanics, music and sound, menus, overworld map, animations and proper levels, so consider the posted rom a proof of concept more than anything. We hope to finish the game in a few weeks. Controls:

  • Move with D-pad. Move into enemy to attack.
  • Push A to wait a turn and let enemies move.
  • Push Select to restart level.
  • Push Start to exit level.

Genre: Puzzle, sokoban, dungeon crawler

Download: Game Boy rom [32KB] (requires Game Boy emulator or flash cart)

Play in browser emulator Engine/language: C using GBDK, homemade tools for getting assets/levels into the game.

Lost Cave

by Cangrejo Ideas
#444427 #72835A #AFB87B #E1DFAE


You have fallen into the Lost Cave. You will face many mysteries and challenges.
Find the precious gems and discover the way out of the Lost Cave.
Move – Left, Right Arrows
Ladder – Up, Down Arrows
Jump – Z
Pick – X
++ Google Chrome is recommended ++


Version (Fullscreen) 1.0 Web
Version (1x) 1.0 Web

Time taken:
30 hours

Engine (or Language):
Construct 2

Wild West The Sheriff

by Mercury

Images:Wild WestDescription:
It’s a western platform game, where you play as a sheriff of the town. Your mission is to capture all the bad bandits in the land and bring them to justice.Genre:
PlatformerPlay: … e-sheriff/Time taken:
4 daysEngine:
Flash platform

¿Alguien se anima para la GBJAM 3?


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